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Santa Fe CSSS95 Picture #6

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Once I had my quasi-crystal program working, Dave Ardell & Patrik D'haeseleer began working on the quasi-crystal CA. Click here to see one of their pictures. I decided to write a program to do a DLA on a quasi-crystal, Diffusion Limited Aggregation. DLA is done by turning "ON" a tile in the middle of the picture. I then start a random walker somewhere far away. It walks around randomly until it bumps into a tile that is "ON", at which point it stops walking. The final tile it is in when it bumps into a neighboring "ON" tile is then turned "ON" as well, and thus the structure grows outwards. I ran this on a quasi-crystal to see if the resulting structure would have any five-fold symmetry to it. (Normally DLA is done either on a square lattice, or an "off-lattice" simulation where random walkers don't walk on any sort of structure.)

This picture was made by printing out the small rectangles made by connecting all of the midpoints of the edges of the quasi-crystal.

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