Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine

September 1956

  • Auth/Ed: Ellery Queen [Federick Dannay]
  • Publisher: Mercury Publications
  • Year: 1956
  • Price: $0.35
  • Pages: 138
  • Cover:
  • Notes: Volume 28 Number 3 [Whole Number 154]
Detective-Crime Stories
A Bad Time of DayWade Miller
Under the Last ScuttlefulMichael Gilbert
The Waiting Thing InsideTheodore Sturgeon and Don Ward
Hanging the HangmanB. M. Atkinson, Jr.
Only on Rainy NightsMark van Doren
Code of the UnderworldRobert Carson
An Ingenious DefenseAnonymous
Cut, Cut, Cut!Ellery Queen
Three Cups of TeaChristopher la Farge
Detective Novelette
? [See Page 17]Lawrence G. Blochman
EQMM “First“
The Folding KnifeCecil E. Parson
Black Mask Magazine
The Ice Pick MurdersCornell Woolrich