Fantastic Adventures

July 1951

  • Auth/Ed: Howard Browne
  • Year: 1951
  • Publisher: Ziff-Davis Publishing Co.; Chicago
  • Price: $0.25
  • Pages: 132
  • Cover: Robert Gibson Jones
  • Notes: $0.25
The Dead Don’t Die!Robert Bloch
Short Stories
Witness for the DefensePaul W. Fairman
There’s No Way Out!William P. McGivern
The President Will See You . . .Rog Phillips
Mission DeferredWalt Sheldon
“You’ll Never Go Home Again!”Clifford D. Simak
Short Fiction
The Traveling CragTheodore Sturgeon
The Zeroth Law!Jon Barry
Want to Race?Frederic Booth
The Universe of HoyleJohn Fletcher
Too Good to Be Used!Pearl Miller
Spoor from Space!A. T. Kedzie
The Shrinking PlanetDale Lord
Preview of Creation!Lee Owens
Panacea—or Phoney?June Lurie
Older Even than MethuselahU. Arteaux
The Moon? Maybe . . .Charles Recour
Men Behind Fantastic Adventures: Robert BlochRobert Bloch
The Magic TransformationE. Bruce Yaches
Law of the UniversePeter Dakin
Just Bleed Old Mother EarthSalem Lane
How Deep Is the Ocean . . .?Merritt Linn
The Dying Skyscraper . . .Jack Winter
Celestial Rock-CrusherJonathon Peterson
The Cancerous Virus!Carter T. Wainwright
Beyond the VeilJohn Weston
“You’re Crazy, Doc!”Sandy Miller
“Science and Life”William Karney