Fantastic Adventures

August 1951

  • Auth/Ed: Howard Browne
  • Year: 1951
  • Publisher: Ziff-Davis Publishing Co.; Chicago
  • Price: $0.25
  • Pages: 132
  • Cover: Robert Gibson Jones
  • Notes: $0.25
Excalibur and the AtomTheodore Sturgeon
The Spoilers of Lern[as Clee Garson] David Wright O’Brien
Short Stories
With This Ring . . .Dallas Ross
Very Cold for Conquest[as P. F. Costello] unknown
The Man with the Clutching HandPaul W. Fairman
Everybody Loves Irving BommerWilliam Tenn
Short Fiction
Stranger . . .Charles Recour
. . . And the GloryJune Lurie
World Without WeightDale Lord
A War of NervesJonathon Peterson
Under the Disappearing MoonFrederic Booth
A Ton of StarSandy Miller
Symbolic LogicA. T. Kedzie
Robot with JetsJack Winter
Of Poems and Bread and LampsWilton Avery MacDonald
Mind Over MachineE. Bruce Yaches
Men Behind Fantastic Adventures: Theodore SturgeonTheodore Sturgeon
MathematicaRussell Roman
It Actually Happened . . .Carter T. Wainwright
Ice-Box of the WorldPeter Dakin
How High Is Up?Salem Lane
Guilty, Your HonorJon Barry
Giants of the EarthLee Owens
Flap Your Wings, BrotherMerritt Linn
Built for Action!John Weston
Bridging the GapWilliam Karney
Aluminum Necromancer!Pearl Miller