Piotr Habdas and Eric R. Weeks, Physics Department, Emory University, Atlanta, GA
  1. Write one paragraph explaining briefly what the topic of this lab is, what you were supposed to have learned, and why it was worth learning.
  2. Provide one paragraph long answers for the following questions:
    1. Discuss how various parameters influence Brownian motion. How does the Brownian motion change with the viscosity of the liquid and the size of the particles?
    2. Viscosity - what is it and what parameters influence it? Calculate the viscosity of water and glycerol from the times you measured. Is your calculated value of viscosity different from the one given on the data sheet? If so, why?
    3. If you put a drop of ink in a glass of water the ink molecules will diffuse throughout the water since they will be just doing their Brownian motion, which essentially is a random walk. How is Brownian motion "used" in real life? Give examples.