Interesting posts from the blog Retraction Watch

  1. Important summary article from Science

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  3. Misconduct even happens at Harvard
  4. Someone with 58 retracted articles
  5. Someone with 183 retracted articles
  6. Citation manipulation
  7. Paper with added authors
  8. Paper with missing authors
  9. You can't publish the same paper twice
  10. Plagiarism example
  11. Journals aren't always helpful
  12. Emory author retracts their paper -- this is a good thing
  13. Another Emory author retracts their papers -- this is a good thing
  14. Professor can be liable for misconduct of collaborators
I also recommend, if you have time, just randomly reading a few more posts on the Retraction Watch website to get a flavor of (1) how often they post and (2) some of the other reasons people retract papers.