Comments about grading of reading quiz from Friday, Feb 2, 2001

A lot of people got question 1 partially wrong:

The only correct answer is (c). In particular, many people wrote down Ohm's law (V=IR) but incorrectly concluded that this implies that current is proportional to resistance. In fact, rearranging we get V/I = R which means that current is inversely proportional to resistance. Given that this seems like a mistaken interpretation of "proportional" I am giving credit for answer (e), and extra credit for answer (c). But, note that answer (e) is in fact wrong.

The answer to question 2 is: two identical resistors have a larger net resistance if they are connected in series, than if they are connected in parallel (answer a)

The answer to the third question is answer b, electromotive force (measured in volts); current is measured in Amps (coulombs/s) and resistance in ohms.