Physics 142, Dr. Weeks

Revised syllabus – end of the semester


            Date                Topic                                                   Reading

April   16 Mon            Atomic physics                                    Ch 30, 1-4


            18 Wed            Quantum mechanics of atoms              Ch 30, 5-7, 11


            20 Fri              Radioactivity                                       Ch 31, 1-8


            21 Sat              MCAT



            23 Mon            Dangers of power lines                       “Voodoo Science” handout

                                    Class evaluation today


            25 Wed            Lasers & review for Exam 4               Ch 30, 8-9

                                    HW 13 due one day early


            27 Fri              Exam #4



            30 Mon            Lab tour                                               reading will be on the web

                                    last day of class


May       3 Thu             Final exam, 4:30 – 7 pm




Things to note:

1.   Everything is unchanged for the week of April 16-20; the readings for the following two weeks are changed.

2.   The class evaluation will be on Monday, April 23; please try to attend class that day as it is important for me to get feedback.

3.   I am out of town on Thursday, April 26, the day before Exam #4.  Thus homework #13 will be due a day early, on Wednesday.  Further, I will have extra office hours that week to make up for missing Thursday and for the early homework due date:

            Tuesday April 24, 1 – 6 pm, Emerson 309

            Tuesday April 24, 7 – 8:30 pm, Emerson 363 (as usual)

            Wednesday, April 25, 1 – 5 pm, Emerson 309

If you cannot make these office hours but need to see me before Exam #4, please let me know and I can schedule time to talk with you in the mornings.  I will be leaving Wednesday evening, though, and thus have to cancel my usual Wednesday evening office hours.

4.   I will arrange to have additional office hours and/or a review session before the final exam.