Faculty Committees

Permanent committees

Assessment Committee
Participants: Tom Bing (Chair), Keith Berland, Kurt Warncke
Mission: Assesses the quality of undergraduate and graduate education in our department. This is both to satisfy administrative requirements, and also to provide data to the faculty. The purview of this committee includes introductory courses.

Colloquium Committee
Paticipants: Stefan Boettcher (Chair), Laura Finzi, Ilya Nemenman
Mission: This committee finds outstanding speakers to fill empty slots on the colloquium schedule.

Facilities Committee
Paticipants: Sergei Urazhin (Chair), Connie Roth, Justin Burton, Lowell Ramsey
Mission: Supervises and assess the operation of the research facilities supported by the Physics Department. Assigns supervising faculty responsible for the maintenance of the instrumentation and user training.

Graduate Admissions Committee
Participants: Sergei Urazhdin (co-Chair), Justin Burton (co-Chair), Ilya Nemenman, Gordon Berman, Hayk Harutyunyan, Ajit Srivastava, Minsu Kim, Daniel Weissman
Mission: Determines admissions to the Physics Ph.D. program.

Graduate Recruiting Committee
Participants: Justin Burton (co-Chair), Hayk Harutyunyan (co-Chair), Daniel Weissman
Mission: This committee works on devising advertising, implementing advertising, and other methods of recruiting applicants to our graduate program.

Graduate Student Allocation Committee
Participants: Ilya Nemenman (Chair), Eric Weeks, Sergei Urazhdin
Mission: Each fall this committee surveys the first year graduate students to determine their preferences for rotation advisors, and surveys the faculty to likewise determine their preferences for rotation students. The committee then proposes the matches between students and advisors which is then approved by the students and faculty. In the spring the committee facilitates a similar process to match students to their PhD advisors.

Strategic Planning Committee
Participants: Ilya Nemenman (Chair), Laura Finzi, Eric Weeks, Sergei Urazhdin, Erin Bonning
Mission: This committee is charged with leading departmental discussions to devise a strategic plan. This involves clarifying departmental goals. This strategic plan should help inform decisions about faculty search requests, identify ways to effectively use existing departmental and campus resources for the benefit of the department goals, and identify opportunities for the department. The committee also works to provide useful information to Emory for assessing the department.

Website committee
Participants: Kurt Warncke (Chair), Ilya Nemenman, Jed Brody
Mission: Makes policy regarding general appearance and content of the departmental website. Works with departmental staff to implement all changes to the website. (Note: As per May 1, 2014 faculty meeting decision, the department chair makes final decisions as to what research articles appear as news items on the front page.)

Temporary committees

Faculty Search Committee
Participants: Laura Finzi (Chair), Minsu Kim, Ilya Nemenman, Kurt Warncke, Khalid Salaita
Mission: Conducting faculty search 2017-18.