3/14/16 - Emory Theoretical Biophysicists win travel awards for 2016 APS March Meeting

Caroline Holmes, an Emory College junior and a Physics BS major, was awarded Future of Physics Days Travel Grant to attend the American Physical Society March Meeting in Baltimore on Mar 14-18, 2016. There she presented a talk  "Songbird Respiration is Controlled by Multispike Patterns at Millisecond Temporal Resolution”, co-authored with Kyle Srivastava (BME graduate student), and Profs. Nemenman (Physics and Biology) and Sober (Biology). Together with Prof. Nemenman, she also won the Computational and Systems Neuroscience  Conference (COSYNE, Salt Lake City, Feb 25-28, 2016) Mentorship Award.”

Damian Hernandez, a postdoc in the Physics Department, has received a Swartz Foundation sponsored travel award from the Division of Biological Physics of the American Physical Society to attend the APS March Meeting, and to present his work on "UniEnt: A uniform entropy model for the dynamics of a neuronal population.”