New Faculty hires in Experimental Biophysics and in Theoretical Soft Matter Physics

The two faculty searches of 2018-19 have ended with the successful hire of two rising stars in the areas of Theoretical Soft Matter Physics and Experimental Biophysics, who will join the Department as Assistant Professors:

Daniel Sussman (PhD, Univ of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), brings a broad, interdisciplinary theoretical research program, that will emphasize anomalous dynamics and mechanics of disordered soft matter systems in both equilibrium and active settings. Dan's diverse background and interests provide unique perspectives on current problems in soft matter physics, and propel him into the emerging field of “soft, active, living matter."

Shashank Shekhar (PhD, Univ of Twente, The Netherlands) brings experience in both ensemble and single molecule systems, and in particular, the structure, function and regulation of networks of the protein, actin. Shashank's background provides the platform for an integrated mechano-chemical approach to studying the physiological dynamics of actin, from the molecular to meso scales.