Prof. Laura Finzi and coworkers develop model-free approaches for precise single-particle tracking by using bright-field microscopy

  nemenman- dec-10

The Finzi/Dunlap Laboratory, in collaboration with Department of Physics colleague, Prof. Eric Weeks, have devised a set of straightforward, model-free, computationally-efficient image analysis routines for 3D tracking of bright-field illuminated particles in real-time, with nanometer-scale precision. The routines are also applicable to the tracking of fluorescent particles.  The work was spearheaded by postdoc, Dr. Daniel T. Kovari.


Model-free 3D localization with precision estimates for brightfield-imaged particles, Daniel T. Kovari, David Dunlap, Eric R. Weeks, and Laura Finzi, Optics Express 27, 29875 (2019).

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