Santos Group advances understanding of structure in quantum matter

Luiz SantosMajorana fermions are neutral excitations that are under intense study for their potential use in quantum information sciences, particularly as building blocks for stable quantum bits. Studying their behavior in quantum Hall systems, which arise in 2D fluids of electrons in a strong magnetic field, is also an important step in investigating the interplay between topology and symmetry breaking, two modern pillars of understanding quantum phases of matter. Here, we take a first step toward understanding how Majorana fermions theoretically behave in fractional quantum Hall systems.

This research is critical to theoretical investigations of the consequences of intertwining topology with broken translational and rotational symmetries, which, in turn, could reveal new forms of quantum states of matter.

The research was published in the journal, Physical Review X, and is available at:

Luiz H. Santos, Yuxuan Wang, and Eduardo Fradkin. Pair-Density-Wave Order and Paired Fractional Quantum Hall Fluids. Phys. Rev. X 9, 021047.