Congratulations to Yan Yan winner of the 2016 Education Committee Travel Award and 2016 Student Research Achievement Award.

Yan’s abstract for a poster to be presented at the 60th Biophysical Society Meeting, 2/27-3/3/2016 in LA, was selected for an oral presentation at the “Nanoscale Subgroup” meeting on Saturday 2/27/16. She presented in front of some 400 people.

Graduate student Yan Yan receives awardShe also won a "2016 Education Committee Travel Award" and a "2016 Student Research Achievement Award". The latter was awarded by the President of the Society, Prof. Ed Egelman, at the Award Ceremony before the National lecture on Monday 3/1/16.

The work Yan presented is part of a paper, currently in preparation for submission, entitled “Either HU protein or DNA supercoiling dramatically enhance Lac-repressor-mediated DNA looping in vitro” by Yan Yan, Fenfei Leng (FIU), Laura Finzi and David Dunlap. The paper shows the critical role played by DNA supercoiling and genome compacting proteins (here represented by the prokaryotic Heat Unstable protein) in facilitating protein-mediated DNA looping, which is a regulatory mechanism involved in almost every genomic function from maintenance of chromosomal structure to transcription.

Poster presentation