Life in Atlanta

Atlanta is the 9th most populous city in the US with approximately 5 million people in the Metro area. It is a city comprised of many neighborhoods, each with its own character. Emory is situated in the Druid Hills neighborhood, which is centrally located within 5 miles of most intown neighborhoods. We enjoy a very temperate climate and sometimes experience 70 degrees in February (Average Monthly Temperatures: Spring: 64.8°F; Summer: 79.6°F; Fall: 65.4°F; Winter: 47°F)!

Atlanta is a culturally diverse and vibrant city. It was the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement, home of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change, and to the Atlanta University Center, the largest consortium of African-American higher education in the nation. The city is home to the world¿s largest aquarium, CNN Center, and the renowned Woodruff Arts Center, which includes the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Alliance Theatre, and High Art Museum. Emory has a great relationship with these institutions and often has discount tickets available. We are also within easy driving distance to hiking and camping in State and National Parks as well as the Appalachian Trail.

Cost of Living & Visitor Information

The cost of living in suburban Atlanta compares very favorably to other university cities. The most convenient area in which to live near Emory is Decatur, so this city was used in the "Salary Calculator" ( for comparison with other cities. Click here for more information on visiting Emory University and Atlanta Georgia!


The Atlanta Metro area offers many housing options. We suggest living close to campus and/or an Emory shuttle route. Emory Cliff Shuttles serve a variety of local apartment complexes and offer free service to all. There is NO free parking on the Emory campus. Students may purchase parking passes (approx. $660 per school year.)

For a curated list of off-campus housing resources, click HERE.

For a more exhaustive list of Atlanta-area housing resources, click HERE.

If you need your Emory ID for housing purposes please email Barbara Conner at