Physics Pre-Med

Announcement :
Beginning fall 2015 Emory University is awarding an undergraduate degree in physics specifically aimed at students pursuing a pre-health program. The Bachelor of Arts in Physics for Life Sciences will provide the students with a well-rounded pre-health program that is an excellent preparation for admission to medical and other healthcare related schools.

A Physics Degree Can Be an Excellent Springboard to Medical School!

Are you simultaneously interested in a medical career and in sub-atomic to cosmic explorations of our world?  Consider majoring in physics! Such a degree will help distinguish you from the more common backgrounds of medical school applicants, greatly amplifying your quantitative reasoning and problem-solving skills-handy things for an entire medical career (and also for MCAT Day).

No doubt you care about the three main practical issues:

  • Research Opportunities: Many of our physics faculty specialize in biophysics research, applying a physicist's demand for theoretical and quantitative rigor to cutting edge biological questions.

  • Class Flexibility: Emory offers lots of non-physics (but still useful!) classes for medical school applicants: biochemistry, genetics, human physiology, etc.  A Bachelor of Arts physics degree leaves lots of room for such courses.  More rigorous Bachelor of Sciences physics programs are available as well.

  • Personal Growth: Physics majors have ample opportunity to develop their leadership, communication, and service skills too!

SPS Event

The PreHealth Mentoring Office (PHMO) provides students with information to plan their course sequences carefully and thoughtfully, and to assist students toward achieving their health science professional goals.  PreHealth includes interest in the health care field such as attending medical school, dental school, nursing school, veterinary school, physician assistant school, and many others.