Undergraduate Degree Programs in Astronom

Emory's Department of Physics offers a variety of opportunities for students interested in astronomy including BS and BA degrees in Physics and Astronomy, a Minor in Astronomy, and membership in the Emory Astronomy Club.

BS in Physics and Astronomy

The BS in Physics and Astronomy is designed for students who wish to take a concentrated program of study in physics and astronomy with the intention of pursuing graduate work or a career in astronomy. Required: Physics 151, 152, 253, 311, 312, 320, 361, 365, 421, 432, 461, one physics elective, and Mathematics 111, 112, 211 and 212. For more information, see Undergraduate Programs.

BA in Physics and Astronomy

The BA in Physics and Astronomy offers a core curriculum along with a selection of elective courses so that coherent programs may be planned that combine the fundamentals of physics/astronomy and other disciplines of the liberal arts and sciences. It is well-suited to students preparing to enter medicine, dentistry, law, business, science writing, secondary school teaching and multidisciplinary fields of science. Required: Physics 116, 151, 152, 211, 253, 254 (or 361 and 365), either 311 or 312, two four-hour physics electives approved by the department advisor, and Mathematics 111 and 112. For more information, see Undergraduate Programs.

Minor in Astronomy

The Minor in Astronomy is designed to fulfill the needs of those Emory students who have an abiding curiosity and interest in astronomy yet have their primary interest in any one of many other possible academic fields. It requires a minimum of 20 credit hours, with at least a C average. Four credit hours may be taken on a S/U basis. Courses required for the minor are: Physics 116, either 141 and 142 or 151 and 152, 253, either 311 or 312. For more information, see Undergraduate Programs.

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