Introductory Classes

physics class

Our introductory classes boast a 175-person stadium-seating lecture hall with full AV capabilities: in-room speaker system and big-screen projection system with laptop computer, document camera, and live video feed hook-up. Additionally, the lecture hall features wireless internet access and an interactive classroom technology system (personal-response clickers), with hardware and software standardized across the College. The lectures are supported with a full range of demonstrations on mechanics, E&M, and optics, including physical devices, video recordings, and computer simulations.

Intro laboratories are divided into sections of 24 students or less. Calculus-based intro labs utilize computer data acquisition. Both calculus and algebra-based intro labs emphasize computer data analysis and statistical analysis of uncertainties.

Advanced Laboratory

Our advanced laboratory makes use of custom-built hardware for educational experimentation, including a Chaotic Pendulum, Hall Effect Experiment equipment, a Vacuum Evaporator and more. Experiments performed with these facilities have been published by our graduate and undergraduate students in six education-related journal publications.

Astronomy Facilities

The Astronomy classes make use of three major astronomical facilities: A custom-designed planetarium featuring a Zeiss Skymater projector, a 24" Ritchey-Crietien DFM Casegrain optical telescope, and a 25 ft diameter dish radio telescope. These facilities provide a comprehensive hand-on educational experience encompassing major areas of modern astronomy.