Nanofabrication Facilities

The nanofabrication facilities hosted by the Physics Department at Emory University include an E-beam lithography system, a Photolithography Setup, and a dedicated fumehood with a spinner, a digital hotplate, and a complete array of chemicals utilized in lithographic processes.

E-beam Lithography System

E-beam lithography system is based on the variable-pressure Zeiss EVO MA10 scanning electron microscope with Lab6/W electron source. The highest resolution is 3 nm. Patterning is controlled by the NPGS 9.0 e-beam lithography package.

Photolithography Setup

The photolithography setup is based on the Newport Oriel Model 97436 Flood Exposure Source with 6 x 6 inch Beam Size. It utilizes a 500 W near-UV Hg lamp with a 400 nm central wavelength and 38 mW/cm2 output intensity. The exposure is controlled by the Oriel Model 68951 Digital Exposure Controller capable of exposure times from 10 ms to 9999 hours, in increments as short as 10 ms, and featuring an auto-dose capability.

Fumehood for Nanofabrication

A dedicated lithography fumehood includes a Laurell technology Model WS-400-6NPP spin coater, a Thermolyne Dataplate digital hot plate, and two ultrasonic cleaners.