Preparation and Deposition Facilities

The preparation and deposition facilities hosted by the Physics Department at Emory University include an automatic wafer dicer, a high-temperature tube furnace, a three-source thermal evaporator, a four-pocket e-beam evaporator, a multisource sputtering/ion milling system, a molecular beam epitaxy system, and a chemical vapor deposition system.

Molecular Beam Epitaxy System

Custom ultrahigh vacuum molecular beam epitaxy system features six effusion cells and a single-pocket 3 kW e-beam source. Fully automated Labview-based control allows simultaneous deposition from arbitrary combinations of sources, and shutter control by feedback loop based on the RHEED oscillation pattern. Maximum sample temperature is 1200 C.

Automatic Wafer Dicer

Microautomation Model 1006 wafer dicer cuts Si, GaAs, sapphire, and other substrate materials softer than diamond into rectangular shapes with arbitrary aspect ratios, with 1 mil precision in all dimensions. It accommodates wafer sizes between 1" and 4".

High Temperature Tube Furnace

Varian model 1366 tube furnace features a maximum operating temperature of 1400 C, a reconfigurable multiple zone geometry with up to eight zones, and a programmable temperature profile controller.

Thermal Evaporator

High vacuum thermal evaporator is based on the Denton Vacuum DV-502 vacuum system. This turbopumped system operates at a base pressure of 1x10-7 Torr, and features three deposition sources and glow discharge. It is used primarily for evaporation of metals such as Al, Au, Cu, Ti, and Cr.

E-beam Evaporator

High vacuum e-beam evaporator based on Denton Vacuum DV-502A vacuum system. This turbopumped system operates at a base pressure of 1x10-7 Torr, and features a four-pocket 3 kW Telemark e-beam source, Inficon XTC/2 deposition controller, and thermal evaporation capability. It is used primarily for evaporation of metals and silicon oxide.

Sputtering/Ion Milling System

Custom load-locked ultrahigh vacuum sputtering chamber has a base pressure of 4x10-9 Torr, six 2" sputtering sources, one 1.3" sputtering source, and an Ion Tech Ar ion source for surface cleaning and ion milling. All sputtering sources can be operated in dc or rf sputtering mode for deposition of a variety of metals and insulators. Reactive sputtering capability allows growth of oxides and nitrides from pure targets. The chamber is also capable of co-sputtering any two materials for fabrication of alloys with arbitrary compositions. Samples can be heated during deposition up to 650 C or cooled by liquid nitrogen down to -100 C. The system also features a system of four switchable shadow masks that allow in-situ fabrication of patterns with resolution and alignment of 50 micrometers. The deposition is programmable and fully computer controlled by Labview-based interface.

Chemical Vapor Deposition System

The CVD system features an 1100C tube furnace with a 2" vacuum-sealed quartz tube, a multistep process controller, and a 4-channel process gas flow control. The system is currently configured for the deposition of carbon nanotubes.

Laser Cutter

Universal Laser Systems model VLS 4.60 laser cutter, featuring a 60-watt CO2 laser. This system can be used to cut and engrave a range of materials for rapid prototyping of experimental designs and custom projects. CAD software and computer control allow ease of use for faculty, postdocs, and graduate students. The system can reliably cut acrylic up to 1.25 cm thick, and Delrin up to 0.65 cm thick. Settings for wood, fabric, foam, and other plastics are pre-programmed. Metal and glass surfaces can be engraved. 

Oxygen Plasma Cleaner

Custom vacuum chamber with a pure oxygen plasma environment which can be used for cleaning and preparing a variety of surfaces, including bonding PDMS to glass for microfluidic applications. The system allows control of pressure, power, and timing oxygen plasma exposure. Other gases can be easily introduced into the system if necessary.