H. George E. Hentschel


Office: MSC - RM N232

Phone: 404-727-0764

Email: phshgeh@emory.edu

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Mailing Address:

400 Dowman Drive
MSC - RM N232

Atlanta, GA 30322-2430

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  • Ph.D., Cambridge, 1973


Awards and Honors

  • Weizmann Institute of Science, Visiting Professor in Chemical Physics, 2011-2016
  • Fellow of the APS; APS Outstanding Referee; Fellow of the Cambridge Philosophical Society


Research Area

Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, glasses, fracture, Laplacian growth, DLA, disordered systems, computional biophysics, morphogenesis, physics of cancer.

Research Interests

My most most recent researches have been in the general area of glasses. Above the glass transition Tg I have been interested in how fragile behavior develops in super cooled liquids; and the thermodynamic and dynamical consequences of nano cluster formation in supercooled liquids close to Tg. Below the glass transition Tg I have been studying the mechanical and magnetic properties of amorphous solids and metallic glasses. Of special interest for me has been the nonlinear elastic and plastic events that arise in such amorphous solids. For example localized irreversible avalanches appear with ever greater frequency as such amorphous solids are strained due to saddle-node bifurcations involving a few tens or hundreds of atoms. The occurrence and positions of such plastic events can be studied by finding the eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of Hessian matrices that control their stability. Ultimately the amorphous material fails either by ductile flow or shearbanding resulting in fracture. I am now extending my researches to investigate how plasticity effects the magnetic properties of metallic glasses. This research also involves large scale computer simulations of metallic glasses in order to generate the data we are studying including the effects of quenching and magnetic fields on material properties.