The biophysics research group is interested in the study of biological and biomimetic phenomena by using physical approaches, thereby revealing the physical principles and mechanisms by which living organisms survive, adapt and grow. The group studies biophysical dynamics with experimental and theoretical methods, on scales from molecules and cells to organisms and populations.

Keith Berland
Professor, Experiment

Protein dynamics, protein-protein interactions in cells; Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and imaging
Gordon Berman
Assistant Professor, Theory

Theoretical and computational biophysics, animal behavior, neuroscience, biomechanics, and machine learning
Laura Finzi
Professor, Experiment

DNA structure and dynamics, DNA-protein interactions; Light and atomic force microscopy; single molecule methods
Minsu Kim
Assistant Professor, Experiment

Quantitative systems biology; Single cell microbiology
Ilya Nemenman
Dobbs Professor, Theory

Coarse-grained modeling, information transduction, learning and adaptation in biological systems
Nic Vega
Assistant Professor, Experiment

Quantitative ecology of microbes and microbial communities in eukaryotic hosts
Kurt Warncke
Professor, Experiment

Metalloenzyme structure and dynamics; Electron paramagnetic resonance and optical spectroscopies
Daniel Weissman
Assistant Professor, Theory

Theoretical physics, evolution