Condensed Matter Physics & Optics

Our group is mostly interested in the physical phenomena that emerge at nanoscale, or near surfaces/interfaces of different materials. In addition to new fundamental science, this focus is particularly relevant to the future development of information technology and novel sensors. Among of a variety of nanoscale systems, we study nanomagnetic (spintronic) devices, nano-optical systems and devices, plasmonic effects, two-dimensional materials, effects of topology on the electronic and magnetic properties of nanostructures, surfaces of strongly correlated electronic materials. Our research in optics and light-matter interactions at the nanoscale (nanophotonics) focuses on the influence of dimensionality, structure, composition, and nonlinearities on the electromagnetic phenomena. Our investigations of the roles of geometry and topology in reduced dimensions, e.g. in atomically thin 2D materials, are aimed to achieve the ability to control and manipulate charge carriers and their degrees of freedom such charge, spin, and pseudo-spin, especially in the context of quantum optics and strong light-matter interactions.  Our mutual interests with the Statistical and Nonlinear Physics Group include nonlinear dynamics, complex magnetic and electronic systems, while our mutual interest with the Soft Matter Group includes frustration in magnetic and charge systems.

We have a biweekly Journal club, to help facilitate collaboration and interaction between different subgroups. If you are interested in attending these meetings, email Sergei Urazhdin ( to be put on the email list.

Hayk Harutyunyan
Assistant Professor, Experiment

Experimental condensed matter physics, nanoscience, optics, material physics
Luiz Santos
Assistant Professor, Theory

Theoretical condensed matter physics, strongly correlated systems and topological phases of matter.
Ajit Srivastava
Assistant Professor, Experiment and Theory

Experimental condensed matter physics, nanoscience, optics, material physics
Sergei Urazhdin
Professor, Experiment

Spintronics, electronic and magnetic properties of surfaces and nanostructures, nonlinear dynamics in nanomagnetic systems.