Soft Matter

Our group is interested in the physical properties of polymers, jammed and amorphous solids, colloids, granular materials, complex fluids, emulsions, networks, and disordered systems. Our mutual interests with the Condensed Matter and Optics group include cooperative magnetic phenomena and interface/surface effects in polymer films as well as quantum computation problems. We try to have frequent joint group meetings, to help facilitate collaboration and interaction between the theory and experimental work. If you are interested in attending these meetings, email Eric Weeks ( to be put on the email list.
Stefan Boettcher

Spin glasses jamming, complex networks, optimization, quantum computing
Justin Burton
Assistant Professor, Experiment

Nonequilibrium systems, jammed and amorphous solids, stress-focusing and interfacial fluid flows, geophysical flows and planetary surfaces
Connie Roth
Associate Professor, Experiment

Polymer blends and films, glass transition, structural relaxation, and nanoscale interactions affecting dynamics at and near interfaces
Eric Weeks
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor, Experiment

Microscopy of colloidal glasses, granular materials, complex fluids, and emulsions