Experimental Biophysics

Biophysics experimental diagram Members of the Experimental Biophysics group seek to understand how structure and dynamics at the molecular and cellular levels contributes to the observed function of biological systems [proteins, nucleic acids, biological cells] and bio-inspired artificial systems. We probe spatial scales from bond lengths (Ångstroms, 10-10 m) to cells (micrometers, 10-6 m), and study dynamics on time scales corresponding to fast collisions of reactants (nanoseconds, 10-9 s) to intracellular fluxes (seconds or greater).

Parallel aims are the development of state-of-the-art research instrumentation, and experimental and analytical techniques for extracting high resolution spatial and temporal information from measurements on biological samples.

For detailed accounts of our faculty and research, please view the following sites:

Keith Berland: Protein dynamics, protein-protein interactions in cells; Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and imaging

Laura Finzi: DNA structure and dynamics, DNA-protein interactions; Light and atomic force microscopy; single molecule methods

Minsu Kim: Quantitative systems biology; Single cell microbiology

Kurt Warncke: Metalloenzyme structure and dynamics; Electron paramagnetic resonance and optical spectroscopies

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