Experimental Condensed Matter Physics Group

Our group includes three faculty members with a range of interests related to experimental condensed matter physics. The group currently also includes six undergraduates, nine graduate students, and one postdoctoral fellow.

Our interests include soft materials, polymers, nonlinear dynamics, and fluid mechanics. We also "interact" frequently with the statistical physics theory group.

We try to have a group meeting every week, to help facilitate collaboration and interaction between the theory and experimental work. If you are interested in attending these meetings, email Eric Weeks (erweeks@emory.edu) to be put on the email list.

  • Justin Burton
    Group: Two postdoctoral fellows, one undergraduate student
    Experiment: dynamics of non-equilibrium systems, vibrational modes of jammed and amorphous solids, stress-focusing and interfacial fluid flows, laboratory modeling of geophysical flows and planetary surface processes
  • Connie B. Roth
    Group: Six graduate students
    Experiment: polymer blends and films, glass transition, structural relaxation, and nanoscale interactions affecting dynamics at and near interfaces.
  • Sergei Urazhdin
    Group: Two postdoctoral fellows, one graduate student
    Experiment: spintronics, electronic and magnetic properties of surfaces and nanostructures, nonlinear dynamics in nanomagnetic systems, and strongly correlated materials.
  • Eric R. Weeks
    Group: One postdoctoral fellow, three graduate students, three undergraduate students
    Experiment: microscopy of colloidal glasses, granular materials, complex fluids, and emulsions.

colloidal gel surfactants neurons foam structure singularities colloids with microscopic stir bar polymer film Leidenfrost drop
Pictures: (1) colloidal gel; (2) surfactants; (3) polymer blend; (4) foam structure; (5) Leidenfrost drop; (6) colloids with microscopic "stir bar"; (7) polymer film; (8) singularities;