Molecular Biophysics Group

The common aim of the members of the Molecular Biophysics Group is to understand how structure and dynamics at the molecular level contribute to the observed function of biological systems [proteins, enzymes, nucleic acids (DNA, RNA), cells]. We examine structure on scales from bond lengths (Ångstroms, 10-10 m) to cellular dimensions (micrometers, 10-6 m). Biophysics experimental diagram We measure dynamics on time scales corresponding to fast collisions of reactants (nanoseconds, 10-9 s) to the flow of intracellular media (seconds or greater).

Parallel aims are the development of unique, state-of-the-art research instrumentation, and experimental and analytical techniques for extracting structure and dynamics information from measurements on biological samples.

The MBP group currently includes five faculty, seven postdocs, thirteen graduate students, one staff, and five undergraduate students. For more detailed accounts of our research in this exciting and rapidly advancing area, please view our individual research web pages: Berland, Finzi, Rasnik, Huynh, Warncke.

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