Undergraduate Programs

Physics LabUndergraduate Physics at Emory University has some of the brightest science students in the country. If you are in this group and are interested in understanding the physical world—from sub-atomic particles to the cosmos--you should consider majoring in physics. All physics courses, without exception, are taught by full-time faculty members. It's easy to get involved in exciting undergraduate research projects and establish close working relationships with faculty members of your choice. Our research groups in biophysics, soft condensed matter and theoretical physics are internationally recognized.


Welcome Back!
Come join in the Welcome Back festivities on Thursday, August 4th at 4:00 pm in the MSC Atrium.

Dr. Jed Brody is the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

If you require any assistance, Dr. Brody may be reached by email at jbrody@physics.emory.edu or you may stop by his office at MSC N308.

"There is something almost intrinsically poetic in the scientific." *Robert Fuller