Kenneth Desmond
     5th Year Graduate Student

B.S., Rochester Insitute of Technology, 2006
Ph.D., Emory University, 2012

E-mail: kdesmond(dot)physics(at)gmail(dot)com

Advisor: Eric R Weeks (Website)

Research Interest

Jamming: Jamming is a physical process where the motion of the elements constituting a system become arrested due to the density reaching a critical point. This definition is very broad and applies to many systems such as traffic jams, clogging, and arrested motion in dense amorphous systems. I'm interested in whether or not there are universal properties that link these various cases of jamming together.

Viscoelasticity and Granular Matter: Today many research labs are committed to studying a class of "weird" materials called complex or viscoelastic fluids. We say these materials are "weird" because when subjected to certain stresses they exhibit flows reminiscent of classical fluids, however, under different stresses they can solidify becoming either rigid or elastic. In addition to these complex fluids, granular matter also exhibits such behavior, acting like a fluid sometimes and solid other times. I'm interest is studying the rheology of these complex fluids and granular media.

Geometry: I've always enjoyed doing geometry, and so I always try to take on small computational projects that require a basic understanding of geometry.