Advanced Laboratory

Our advanced laboratory makes use of several custom-built and commercial instruments for educational experimentation, including a Chaotic Pendulum, Hall Effect Experiment equipment, a Vacuum Evaporator and more.

Chaotic Pendulum

In this experiment a real-time phase plot is used to show angular speed as a function of angular position. We observe resonance in a damped, driven linear oscillator, as well as chaos and period doubling in a nonlinear oscillator.

Chaos in Electronics

Op amps and other electronic components are used to construct a circuit that exhibits the Lorenz attractor, the first chaotic system ever discovered.

Hall Effect Experiment

Homemade Hall samples and a strong magnetic field are used to create a voltage perpendicular to the magnetic field and an applied current.

X-Ray Crystallography

Used to determine spacing between atoms in crystals.

Vacuum Evaporator

Copper is heated until it melts and actually evaporates, forming a thin metallic film on a glass slide.

LED Statistical Mechanics

We observe the Boltzmann distribution in the emission spectra of LEDs in an instructional experiment developed at Emory.