The facilities in the Physics Department are overseen by the Facilities Committee comprising Sergei Urazhdin (Chair), Connie Roth, Justin Burton, and Lowell Ramsey. If you are interested in using them, please contact the assigned Facility Director listed with each facility, or one of the committee members.


The Physics Department at Emory University hosts a suite of research facilities for material and device preparation and depositionnanofabricationcharacterization and measurements. Facilities listed as shared departmental equipment are available free of charge to all researchers affiliated with the Physics Department. If you are not affiliated with the Department and wish to access the facilities, please contact the person listed as the facility supervisor. Facilities located in individual research labs are often available to other researchers on a collaborative basis. If interested, please contact the listed supervising faculty. 


The Technical Team at the Department of Physics provides comprehensive technical support and services in a variety of areas including software and desktop hardware support. Our department maintains or participates in several clusters for scientific computation including the Computational Statistical Physics Cluster, The Cherry L. Emerson Center for Scientific Computation, and Emory's High Performance Computing. 


The Physics Department houses three major astronomical facilities: A custom-designed planetarium featuring a Zeiss Skymaster projector, a 24" Ritchey-Crietien DFM Casegrain optical telescope, and a 25 ft diameter dish radio telescope. These facilities provide a comprehensive hand-on educational experience encompassing major areas of modern astronomy. 


Our classrooms and educational technologies help to enhance our teaching efforts. The introductory laboratories are kept small to emphasize personalized approach. Up-to-date instrumentation and computer-based data acquisition prepare students for the challenges of modern science and technology. The advanced laboratories use custom-built experiments that have produced six education-related papers. 

Machine Shop

In addition to the basic machining services, the Physics Machine Shop modifies comercial and custom-built research equipment to specification. We assist in the engineering, design and construction of complex custom apparatus. No matter what the need, the Machine Shop strives to be the department's one stop destination for advanced research equipment needs.

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