Machine Shop

Cody Anderson works with the CNC

Our 3000 square foot facility is located on the ground floor of the Math and Science Center. It is located at 400 Dowman Drive, just next to the B. Jones Building. We are on the first floor in room W101.

The Physics Department Machine Shop is open to the entire Emory Community for all of its research and repair needs. We do not repair equipment from non-Emory affiliated sources.

We offer Milling, Turning and Grinding on manual machines in addition to a Computer Controlled Machining Center (CNC) for multiple and complex parts.

We have the capabilities to weld most common materials, such as stainless, aluminum, and steel. We offer several different types of joining such as MIG, TIG, stick, spot, Oxy-Acetylene, soft soldering, and brazing. Plasma and Oxy-Acetylene cutting are available. Vacuum tight welds and seals are accommodated for most any project.

We perform services on various optical instrumentation such as microscope stage modifications and telescope repair and we maintain the Emory Observatory.

We also provide a variety of other services such as heat treatment for hardening and annealing of metals, painting, minor woodworking and even Helium Leak Detection on vacuum systems.

Our work frequently requires us to leave the shop, so to ensure we will be available, please schedule an appointment.

Contact Information

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm

Machine Shop Phone Number: (404) 727-4299

Horace A. Dale III, F.R.A.S.Research Associate, Director of the Observatory & Machine Shop