Guram Gogia

Justin Burton, Advisor


  • Bachelor of Arts, Physics and Applied Math, Colby College, Waterville, ME


Emergent structural and dynamical properties in non-equilibrium model systems


On Recent Discovery by Emory Researchers (ORDER) 2017-2018



  1. Guga Gogia & Justin Burton, 9th Southeast Meeting on Soft Materials, 
     "Emergent Phenomena in Dusty Plasma Crystals", May 16th, 2016, Atlanta, GA
  2. Guga Gogia & Justin Burton, 8th Summer School on Soft Solids and Complex Fluids, (Poster) "Emergent Dynamical Phenomena in Dusty Plasma Crystals", May 29th, 2016, Amherst, MA.
  3. Guga Gogia & Justin Burton, 14th The Northeastern Granular Materials Workshop, "Emergent Dynamical Phenomena in Dusty Plasma Crystals", June 3rd, 2016, Amherst, MA.
  4. Guga Gogia & Justin Burton, Invited talk for Soft Matter Bagged Lunch@ Georgia Tech, "Punctuating Instability in Dust Plasma Crystals", December 9th, 2016, Atlanta, GA.
  5. Guga Gogia & Justin Burton, APS March Meeting, "Stochastic Resonance-induced Periodic Melting in 2D Dusty Plasma Crystals", March 16th, 2017, New Orleans, LA.
  6. Guga Gogia & Justin Burton, Invited Talk @GRITS ( Graduate Research Interdisciplinary Team of Scholars), "Periodicity as a Consequence of Non-Equilibrium Conditions", March 22nd, 2017, Atlanta, GA
  7. Guga Gogia & Justin Burton, Soft Matter Lunch & Posters, "Emergent Bistability in 2D Dusty Plasma Crystals", April 14th, 2017, Atlanta, GA