Xinru Huang

Connie Roth, Advisor


  • Bachelor of Science, Physics, Shihezi University


Polymer dynamics and properties in confined thin films near interfaces


Xinru Huang and Connie B. Roth, "Changes in the temperature-dependent specific volume of supported polystyrene films with film thickness", Journal of Chemical Physics2016, 144, 234903

Zhao Xing-Yu, Huang Xin-Ru, Fan Xiao-Hui and Huang Yi-Neng, "An extended chain Ising model and its Glauber dynamics",  Journal of Chinese Physics B2012, 21, 27501

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Xinru Huang and Connie B Roth, “Does Specific Volume Correlated with Tg Reduction Behavior in Thin Polystyrene Films?”, Gordon Research Conference & Seminar on polymer physics, July 22th-29th, 2016, South Hadley, MA (poster)

Xinru Huang and Connie B Roth, “Simultaneous Shifts in Liquid & Glassy Specific Volume with Film Thickness in Supported Polystyrene Films”, 9th Southeast Meeting on Soft Materials, May 16th, 2016, Atlanta, GA (picked as top 2 talks)

Xinru Huang and Connie B Roth, “Liquid and Glassy Specific Volume Variations in Confined Polystyrene Supported films”, American Physical Society (APS) meeting, March 15th, 2016, Baltimore, MD

Xinru Huang and Connie B Roth, “Investigation of the Temperature-Dependent Specific Volume of Supported Polystyrene Films Upon Confinement”, APS meeting, March 5th, 2015, San Antonio, TX

Xinru Huang and Connie B Roth, “Changes in Specific Volume vs. Temperature for Ultrathin Polystyrene films”, 7th Southeast Meeting on Soft Materials, May 24th, 2013, Atlanta, GA