Historical Polymer Papers - PHYS 564: Introduction to Polymers

Fick's Laws of Diffusion - the original papers
      A. Fick, Annalen der Physik 1855, 170, 59-86. "Ueber Diffusion" (in German) [download]
      A. Fick, Phil. Mag. J. Sci. 1855, 10, 30−39. "On Liquid Diffusion" (in English) [download 1995 reprint in J. Membr. Sci.] -- selected by Skanda Vivek (2013)

Molecular Size Distribution in Linear Condensation Polymers
      P. J. Flory, Journal of the American Chemical Society 1936, 58, 1877-1885. [download]

Molecular Size Distribution in Three Dimensional Polymers .I. Gelation
      P. J. Flory, Journal of the American Chemical Society 1941, 63, 3083-3090. [download] -- selected by Sarah Lauinger (2013)

Thermodynamics of High Polymer Solutions
      P. J. Flory, Journal of Chemical Physics 1942, 10, 51-61. [download] -- selected by Gary Hunter (2008) -- selected by Han Su (2015) -- selected by Guanxiong Chen (2016)

Theory of Solutions of High Polymers
      M. L. Huggins, Journal of the American Chemical Society 1942, 64, 1712-1719. [download] -- selected by Josh Teves (2016)

The Configuration of Real Polymer Chains
      P. J. Flory, Journal of Chemical Physics 1949, 17, 303-310. [download] -- selected by Kazem Edmond (2008)

Treatment of Intrinsic Viscosities
      P. J. Flory, T. G. Fox, Journal of the American Chemical Society 1951, 73, 1904-1908. [download] -- selected by Anika Tahsin (2016)

The Frictional Coefficient for Flexible Chain Molecules in Dilute Solution
      L. Mandelkern, P. J. Flory, Journal of Chemical Physics 1952, 20, 212-214. [download] -- selected by Mike McClain (2011) -- selected by Nicholas Cuccia (2016)

A Theory of the Linear Viscoelastic Properties of Dilute Solutions of Coiling Polymers
      P. E. Rouse, Journal of Chemical Physics 1953, 21, 1272-1280. [download] -- selected by Stephen Frazier (2015)

Dynamics of Polymer Molecules in Dilute Solution: Viscoelasticity, Flow Birefringence and Dielectric Loss
      B. H. Zimm, Journal of Chemical Physics 1956, 24, 269-278. [download]

2nd-Order Transition Temperatures and Related Properties of Polystyrene .1. Influence of Molecular Weight
      T. G. Fox, P. J. Flory, Journal of Applied Physics 1950, 21, 581-591. [download]

The Glass Temperature and Related Properties of Polystyrene - Influence of Molecular Weight
      T. G. Fox, P. J. Flory, Journal of Polymer Science 1954, 14, 315-319. [download] -- selected by Samantha Adkins (2008) -- selected by Laura Golick (2011) -- selected by Kelsey Hattam (2013) -- selected by Yixuan (Louis) Han (2016)

Mechanical Properties of Substances of High Molecular Weight .19. The Temperature Dependence of Relaxation Mechanisms in Amorphous Polymers and Other Glass-Forming Liquids
      M. L. Williams, R. F. Landel, J. D. Ferry, Journal of the American Chemical Society 1955, 77, 3701-3707. [download] -- selected by Spencer Hughes (2015) -- selected by Shannon Hill (2016)

Molecular Transport in Liquids and Glasses
      M. H. Cohen, D. Turnbull, Journal of Chemical Physics 1959, 31, 1164–1169. [download] -- selected by Guga Gogia (2016)

On Temperature Dependence of Cooperative Relaxation Properties in Glass-Forming Liquids
      G. Adam, J. H. Gibbs, Journal of Chemical Physics 1965, 43, 139-146. [download] -- selected by Andy Pahner (2011) -- selected by Phil Rauscher (2013) -- selected by Yannic Gagnon (2016)

Viscosity of Entangling Polydisperse Polymers
      W. W. Graessley, Journal of Chemical Physics 1967, 47, 1942-1953. [download] -- selected by Xin Du (2013) -- selected by Cong Cao (2016)

Viscous Liquids and Glass Transition: A Potential Energy Barrier Picture
      M. Goldstein, Journal of Chemical Physics 1969, 51, 3728–3739. [download] -- selected by Michael Thees (2015) -- selected by Dylan Powers (2016)

Reptation of a Polymer Chain in Presence of Fixed Obstacles
      P. G. de Gennes, Journal of Chemical Physics 1971, 55, 572-579. [download] -- selected by Justin Pye (2008) -- selected by Roman Baglay (2013) -- selected by Yonglun Jiang (2016)

Dynamics of Concentrated Polymer Systems. 1. Brownian-Motion in Equilibrium State
      M. Doi, S. F. Edwards, Journal of the Chemical Society - Faraday Transactions II 1978, 74, 1789-1801. [download] -- selected by Qiang Yao (2016)

Solutions of Flexible Polymers - Neutron Experiments and Interpretation
      M. Daoud, J. P. Cotton, B. Farnoux, G. Jannink, G. Sarma, H. Benoit, C. Duplessix, C. Picot, P. G. de Gennes, Macromolecules 1975, 8, 804-818. [download]

Melting Point Depression and Kinetic Effects of Cooling on Crystallization in Poly(vinylidene fluoride)-Poly(methyl methacrylate) Mixtures
      T. Nishi, T. T. Wang, Macromolecules 1975, 8, 909-915. [download] -- selected by Dandan Chen (2008) -- selected by Andrei Zholud (2013)

Statistical Thermodynamics of Polymer Solutions
      I. C. Sanchez, R. H. Lacombe, Macromolecules 1978, 11, 1145-1156. [download] -- selected by Ana West (2008) -- selected by Chentao Li (2016)

Gel Permeation Chromatography. I. A New Method for Molecular Weight Distribution of High Polymers
      J. C. Moore, Journal of Polymer Science: Part A 1964, 2, 835-843. [download] -- selected by Jenny Coffman (2016)

A Universal Calibration for Gel Permeation Chromatography
      Z. Grubisic, P. Rempp, H. Benoit, Journal of Polymer Science: Part B 1967, 5, 753-759. [download] -- selected by Elizabeth Baker (2008) -- selected by Tao Jiang (2013)

Relative Reactivities in Vinyl Copolymerization
      T. Alfrey, C. C. Price, Journal of Polymer Science 1947, 2, 101-106. [download]

Linear Method for Determining Monomer Reactivity Ratios in Copolymerization
      M. Fineman, S. D. Ross, Journal of Polymer Science 1950, 5, 259-262. [download]

Narrow molecular weight resins by a free-radical polymerization process
      M.K. Georges, R. P. N. Veregin, P. M. Kazmaier, G. K. Hamer, Macromolecules 1993, 26, 2987-2988. [download] -- selected by Annika Kriisa (2008) -- selected by Xia Hong (2011) -- selected by Xinru Huang (2013) -- selected by Edward Fan (2015) -- selected by Yifan Zhu (2016)

Polymerization of Methyl Methacrylate with the Carbon Tetrachloride/Dichlorotris- (triphenylphosphine)ruthenium(II)/Methylaluminum Bis(2,6-di-tert-butylphenoxide) Initiating System: Possibility of Living Radical Polymerization
      M. Kato, M. Kamigaito, M. Sawamoto, T. Higashimura, Macromolecules 1995, 28, 1721-1723. [download] -- selected by Noah Setterholm (2013)

Controlled/"Living" Radical Polymerization. Halogen Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization Promoted by a Cu(I)/Cu(II) Redox Process
      J.-S. Wang, K. Matyjaszewski, Macromolecules 1995, 28, 7901-7910. [download] -- selected by Brendan Parr (2011) -- selected by Nina Mace (2013)

Living Free-Radical Polymerization by Reversible Addition-Fragmentation Chain Transfer: The RAFT Process
      J. Chiefari, Y. K. Chong, F. Ercole, J. Krstina, J. Jeffery, T. P. T. Le, R. T. A. Mayadunne, G. F. Meijs, C. L. Moad, G. Moad, E. Rizzardo, S. H. Thang, Macromolecules 1998, 31, 5559-5562. [download] -- selected by David Guptil (2011) -- selected by Jessica Hurtak (2013) -- selected by Zhe Su (2016)

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