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10/7/14 - Graduate Student Laura Gray wins 2014 Montag Physics Award

Laura Gray has been awarded the inaugural Jim and Ethel Montag Graduate Physics Award for the 2014-2015 academic year.

8/19/14 - Emory University News feature of Dr. Burton's research

Professor Burton's use of laboratory-scale icebergs to model the physics of glacial earthquakes featured in Emory University News.


On the Horizon: Physics Events

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Finzi Lab

DNA supercoiling (sc) is an indicator of cell health. We studied the effect of sc on the loop-based lambda genetic switch. We found that DNA sc stabilizes the lambda protein-mediated DNA loop and that the loop acts as an effective barrier to supercoiling diffusion.READ MORE >>

Dr. Sergei Urazhdin Spin Wave Research

Dr. Sergei Urazhdin and collaborators demonstrate a new nanoscale magnetic device. READ MORE >>

burton lab

Dr. Burton and collaborators have recently used computer simulations and experiments with levitated particles to show how energy is dissipated during a collision between two granular clustersREAD MORE >>

berland research

Mapping amyloid-ß (16-22) nucleation pathways using fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy.READ MORE >>

Stress during Thermal Cooling on Physical Aging of Polymer Glasses

Dr. Roth and Laura Gray have investigated for the first time the impact of applying stress during vitrification.READ MORE >>