Our research program benefits from a highly-interdisciplinary environment, with strong collaborations between different groups within our Department, and with the Departments of Biology and Chemistry. From the design and fabrication of novel nanomaterials to information processing in neural networks, the Emory Department of Physics values creative investigation and intellectual development. We strive to provide an atmosphere conducive to the free exchange and sharing of resources, information, and ideas among faculty, staff and students. The graduate program, shared facilities, and research opportunities for undergraduates are designed to make this vision a reality.

Ultrafast optical microscopy experiment

The Department specializes in experimental and theoretical research in biophysics, condensed matter and optics, and experimental and theoretical soft matter physics. 

Biophysics Group includes Professors Berland, FinziKim, Vega, and Warncke (experiment), and Berman, Nemenman, and Weissman (theory). Research is conducted in the areas of molecular, cellular, systems and population biophysics.

Condensed Matter Physics and Optics Group includes Professors Harutyunyan (experiment), Santos (theory), Srivastava (experiment and theory) and Urazhdin (experiment). Research focuses on magnetic, electronic, and optical nanomaterials, light-matter interactions, topological properties of matter, nonlinear phenomena, correlated and complex systems.

Soft Matter Group includes Professors Boettcher (theory) and Burton, Roth, and Weeks (experiment).  Experimental work involves the study of glassy and disordered systems, nonequilibrium phenomena, and statistical properties of soft matter.  Theory addresses nonlinear dynamics, nonequilibrium phenomena, glassy and disordered systems, applications of multi-scale simulations, and physics of networks and information processing.