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Our research program benefits from a highly-interdisciplinary, collaborative environment. We provide an atmosphere conducive to the free exchange of resources, information, and ideas among faculty, staff and students. The Department specializes in experimental and theoretical research in biophysics, condensed matter and optics, and soft matter physics.

Please refer to the faculty member’s bio page for website links to their personal research/laboratory page.

Biophysics Group

Gordon Berman Headshot
Gordon Berman
Assistant Professor of Biology
O. Wayne Rollins - Rollins 2107
Minsu Kim Headshot
Minsu Kim
Associate Professor
MSC - RM N214
Nic Vega Headshot
Nic Vega
Assistant Professor of Biology
O. Wayne Rollins - Rollins 2019

Condensed Matter and Optics Group

Luiz Santos Headshot
Luiz Santos
Assistant Professor
MSC - RM N234
Sergei Urazhdin Headshot
Sergei Urazhdin
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Physics
MSC - RM N220

Soft Matter Group

Justin Burton Headshot
Justin Burton
Director of Undergraduate Studies
MSC - RM N242
Connie Roth Headshot
Connie Roth
Associate Professor
MSC - RM N206
Daniel Sussman Headshot
Daniel Sussman
Assistant Professor
MSC - RM N212
Eric Weeks Headshot
Eric Weeks
Director, Center for Faculty Development and Excellence
Emerson Hall - 309